Privacy policy

When you use the Lochifia Services you provide us with your information, we realize that this is a great responsibility for us where we work hard to protect this information in a way that makes your trust grow every time you use our services, and in addition we help you to control your information easily.

We always seek to please the user and help them communicate with their friends or develop their business by providing and developing unique services over time to make them easier to use, and you can use our services to control your privacy information through our Settings page.

The types of information we collect about you

We collect some information about you in order to improve our services in the future and to facilitate the use of the site and from this information as an example of the language you use on the site where we store it to help you each visit our site, the site will remind you of the language you use without selecting it again. In addition, when registering on the site, you provide us with your personal information such as your personal name, family name, email and password in order to distinguish you from other users of the site.

Sometimes we ask you for other information such as your interest in the life, the schools where you studied, etc., that helps us provide you with ads that suit you and posts you care about.

How do we use this information?

We use the information we obtain to provide our products, which includes personalizing features and content (including news feed, announcements and other services), making suggestions to you within our products and so that we can create products of a personal nature that are uniquely suited to you, We use your contacts, preferences, interests, and activities based on the data we collect and tell you and others (including any data with special protection rights you choose to provide to us); how you use and interact with our products, and the people, places or things you link to, and interest in them within our products.